Plumbing problems

When we have a small problem of plumbing, plumbing or plumbing, we must act hastily to avoid accidents. But sometimes, during a simple repair, during a time of extreme cold or heat, or simply without a specific cause, there are serious problems in the installations of pipes and other, which become threats to the integrity of our home and of the inhabitants of it.

In the plumbing should be given immediate solution to the smallest problems, as if it were serious emergencies. This is because a minimum obstacle can, very quickly, become a major problem, without warning. If you are skilled, give solution on your own. If you do not have this knowledge or the appropriate tools, call the plumber quickly. Remember that these specialists are usually delayed due to their large amount of pending work. Do not wait for the problem to get worse, and give it the solution in time.

“When we have a small problem of plumbing, we must act hastily to avoid accidents.”

What to do in an emergency in plumbing

Among the problems of plumbing that we can recognize in the home, we will find the leaks of taps, the humidity in the walls, in the cabinets or in any area of ​​the structure, the loss of water heaters, sanitary backpacks and other water containers, and up to threads or dry moisture marks that appear on the floor or surfaces.

Remember that a small leak is not only a waste of water, but also a threat to your home. Water, with its components, constantly corrodes the fittings. In addition, it promotes an ideal humid environment for the formation of fungi and mold.

In an emergency, such as the release of a sector of the faucet, an explosion of the pipe or other similar, the first thing you should do is cut or interrupt the passage of water. Before the time of safety arrives, make sure you know the exact location of the general water cutoff, just as you do with the gas pipes or electrical circuit of the home. Keep this sector free of obstacles, since in an emergency you will not have the time (or the patience) to be freeing the space to cut off the passage of water.

“In your toolbox there must be clamps that allow you to fasten or adjust the plumbing elements.”

If the problem or the emergency has occurred in a specific sector of the house (for example, if you have released the bathroom faucets) you can make a partial cut. Therefore, it is important to provide for centralized cuts at the time of construction or expansion of the home.

Keep the tools always at hand. In your toolbox there must be clamps that allow you to fasten or adjust the plumbing elements. You can also have repair parts, and even plumbing sealants and silicones, to give precise and effective solution to small problems or large emergencies with specificity.

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