Lenox plumbing tools

Whether you are a DIY plumber or a professional pipe smith, few people are eager to do plumbing work. Most recognize, however, that the right tools can make or break the job. For this, the company Lenox adds its offer of tools and manual to the mix. Although not a company specifically focused on plumbing, plumbing often employs the types of tools that Lenox manufactures and the company produces plumbing equipment.

About Lenox

Lenox began its life as a saw blade manufacturer in 1915. Since then, the company has expanded to a team of nearly 600 designers, manufacturers and testers at an 11-hectare facility in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. As of 2003, Lenox joined Newell Rubbermaid. Lenox focuses on the design and manufacture of accessories for power tools, hand tools, band saws, torches and welds.

Plumbing kit

Lenox offers welding kits that fit plumbing jobs. The company bills its 8 oz Premium Welding Kit as a “package for professional plumbing repairs.” The kit includes 8 ounces of lead-free solder, 1.7 ounces of water-soluble flux, 1/2-inch cable accessory brush, sand cloth and a flow brush. Lenox ‘4 oz. Plumbing kit focuses on plumbing, featuring four ounces of lead solder, an ounce of water soluble flux, a sand cloth and a flow brush.

Other plumbing tools

Lenox produces a range of carbide, bimetal and carbon band saws as well as sawing fluids and lubricants, useful for cutting pipes. Plumbing can employ Lenox line saw blades and reciprocating blades to make cuts on accessories, or the company line of metal and wood drill bits to make precision holes. Lenox brand cast aluminum pipe wrenches, utility knives, pipe cutters and saws – especially your nearby quarter saw – can be found in a plumber’s arsenal.

Availability of

Upon request, Lenox offers a catalog of supplier-oriented products. Interested parties can request a catalog on the official website of the company. Lenox distributes its tools for physical retail outlets, including family and largest chain of hardware stores and home improvement centers. Online hardware stores commonly stock as well as company products. When purchased new, Lenox covers its tools under manufacturer’s warranty for 90 days.

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