Imagine that you have many years of not investing in your home’s plumbing

At night, the dripping of the sink ends the insomnia. In the garden the plants grow happily, drinking from the water that escapes from the underground pipe. Each toilet is a silent river that squanders the happy liquid without using it. There are leaks everywhere, and every month the bills go up. He urges you to do something about it.

Get a plumber. It’s a kind of three minus quart, what you’re willing to pay. The plumber takes out his tool, digs under the sink, and wields a shovel in the garden to unclog the pipe. Finish your evaluation and set the budget.

You have not made any repairs or maintenance for more than ten years. The gaskets are broken in all the taps. Your cistern is cracked. You have to change the pipe. You have to buy materials and spare parts. You have to dig and work to change everything. It will take days to complete the task.

You reject the recommendation and throw the plumber out of the house. There must be another cheaper one. The guy is long. Annoyed by the effort in vain, especially by your attitude, insults quietly when leaving: “And it’s ugly!”

Suffice the cartoon. If you have not identified the situation, here’s the key. The client is Guatemalan society. The plumber, his tax authorities. The broken and neglected plumbing is the public administration, so dilapidated. The proposed reparations are the tax reform, and the budget to pay is what we will have to pay. The bad blood with the plumber is the distrust of the Government, and the insult of that, the contempt towards the indignant demand of the citizenship.

There is only one objective fact in all of this: public administration is a disaster from decades of neglect. It will cost money and time to get it out of there. When the homeowner is angry, you will discover that it will be the same to look for another plumber, who will come with another repair account that will cost a lot of money.

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